Water level management

Water level management products, we got them all. From tilting weirs to mechincal floating weirs, all to maintain your water levels. Up to 16m width!

Water level management

KSU Compact

The KSU-C is a concrete well with a stainless steel weir plate that tilts around it bottom axle. This is to control the upstream water level.

KKS-PE tilting weir

A tilting weir holds the water at a certain level, upstream. Due to the processing of HDPE in this product, this product is cheaper than its fully stainless steel sister model.

KSL Stoplogs - temporary blocking

The KSL stoplogs are usually made of aluminium in a stainless steel frame and temporarily close off a channel for maintenance purposes. There are 3 different types of stoplog profiles for different sizes, Log A, Log B and Log C. Logs can be hoisted using a dedicated hoisting beam, and stored in racks on site for later use.

KKS Tilting weir

A tilting weir is intended to maintain waterlevels on the height water side.Rotate to adjust the height, the excess water will flow over the weir. 

KOP Overflow well

Easy waterlevel management with a low weight HDPE overflow well. Maintain the level by stoplogs or by an spindle operated weir.

KOP-KOS Overflow well with weir

With this overflow well it is possible to manage the water on the upstream side. With the stainless steel weir plate it is  possible to obtain the waterlevel even with millimeter accuracy.

KOS overflow weir

Easy waterlevel management with a spindle overflow weir. Maintain the level by handforce or actuator and level the water within acuracy of a millimeter. Turn you watersystem into a robust system.