Flood prevention Morpeth - UK

Morpeth is an historic town in the Nothern part of the United Kingdom, located on the river the Wansbeck. The heavy rainfall in the years 2008 and 2012 has cost the community a lot of damage. To prevent this in the future, the Environment Agency and the Northumberland Council made a plan for flood prevention.

To protect the town of Morpeth against flooding, there was the need of a 1.4 million cubic meters resevoir, and a contruction to steadly release the waterpressure. Besides this, it had to be possible, during normal waterlevels, that fish can pass this immens construction in the waterway.

The contract was signed by the contractor Balfour Beatty.  In the construction there had to be 5 spillways of 3x3m, but they needed a ability to close them.
KWT has worked out a constuction for 5 massive penstocks of 3.000 x 3.000 mm and supplied the approval drawings to be reviewd.

Morphet UK ACE  2

After approval, KWT manufactured the 5 doors for flood prevention and the smaller door for the fishpass and loaded the trucks to there destination in the United Kingdom.