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Since 2007, KWT Group B.V. is a part of the Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. Within the Bergschenhoek Groep, the in 1988 founded company is responsible for production, delivery and assembly of water management products.

Since its conception, KWT has provided over 25,000 successful solutions for their customers and relieve them of their problems. KWT has over 1,000 products in stock, ready to be shipped. However, KWT can also produce custom-made solutions, according to customer specifications, made possible by our engineering department, production facilities, designer, suppliers and experienced employees, who work hard to exceed customer expectations every day.

The KWT solutions are meant to regulate water levels, for instance by using (tilting) weirs, but also by installing penstocks and non-return valves in your water system. KWT uses high-quality materials, like HDPE and stainless steel to manufacture our products.

KWT is a trusted supplier to Water Boards, municipalities, industry and engineering companies etc. in the Netherlands. However, KWT also has a successful international program, with a distribution network across Europe. We produce according to international standards and we are NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 certified.

KWT is a member of Nederlands Water Partnership (NWP) [Dutch Water Partnership] and the network of Dutch enterprises from the broad sector of water and environmental technologies (ENVAQUA)

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The stakeholders and the management of the Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. think Corporate Social Responsibility is of great importance.

We realize we have a great social responsibility. Also, stakeholders from other Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. companies, continue make more and more CSR-demands.

In 2015, a directive for Corporate Social Responsibility for the Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. has been drawn. This directive contains the vision and the guiding principles for shaping the CSR policy by the subsidiaries of the Bergschenhoek Group B.V.

Sustainable employability of people is a subject within CSR, which demands a great deal of attention, according to the Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. At the end of 2014, the Sustainable Employability subsidy (ESF 2014-2020) was requested from the European Social Fund, to make a company-and organization scan. By taking interviews within the entire organization and having meetings with a fixed project and direction group, this subject has been explored further in 2015, resulting in a new policy-and implementation plan. This project was a cooperation between three subsidiaries of the Bergschenhoek Groep B.V.(KWT Productie B.V., R-Vent Netherlands B.V. and Bergschenhoek Civiele Techniek B.V.) and was made possible thanks to the European Social Fund and the European Union. In 2016 this implementation plan will be executed. Again, a subsidy from the European Social Fund has been requested.