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Water management through quality, control and engineering.

The above, stands as the closest translation of our firm name, translated from our native Dutch name (KWT).

Your expert in innovative water management solutions, since 1988

Our climate is in a constant state of change. This change also seems to become more extreme, seeing for example that rainfalls produce consistently growing amounts of water in shorter time periods.Not only with surface water, but also in the managed disposal of sewage water; we are all confronted with new challenges.
KWT likes to tackle these situations while thinking of the most ideal solution together with our clients.

Working with KWT will place the focus on the management (= control) and quality through our pre-designed standard product range or through our custom engineered products (Control, Quality and Engineering). Water management is in our DNA and we are very proud of our achievements.

In order to control and manage waterflows and water levels, we produce high-quality lines of products like penstocks and valves. The technology and various applications of these products have both steadily continued to develop, during the last years. KWT is a pioneer in regards to product development, engineering and production and is, for example, responsible for introducing HDPE in the current market. We continuously develop new solutions with new materials for our clients on a regular basis. So far, more then 35.000 challenges by clients, both local and abroad, have been successfully resolved through the use of our products.

More than 1.000 different products can be delivered out of stock, while custom solutions can always be produced. We are able to realize this through our own engineering department, our own production facilities (in Bulgaria and the Netherlands) and finally our driven and experienced employees who work hard every day to deliver the high quality products for which our firm has become known and that already help to regulate many different waters today.

Since 2007 we are a part of the “Bergschenhoek groep”. Within this group, our company KWT is responsible for all water management related situations, where we are able to tackle any problem from A to Z.

Our produced solutions are designed to regulate water levels in different ways. By regulating the water levels, for example, through the use of tilting weirs. But also by completely closing an opening through a penstock or anti-return valve. The main high-grade materials used for our products are HDPE, Stainless Steel and Super Duplex which are all treated in accordance with the latest technologies and techniques.

We have proven ourselves a reliable supplier for water management solutions for many end-users like (among others) private companies, cities, municipalities, industries and others through our solid distribution network. We produce all our products following international guidelines, with certifications according to NEN and ISO 9001-2015.

Do you have a challenge regarding a water current, be it a water level-problem or any other water management related problem? KWT can assist you in finding the right solution.

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